About Us

Our Mission

Here at Petits Scholars International we strive to create a safe, nurturing and stimulating setting that supports the growth of children and cultivates a sense of wonder through sharing the delight of discovery. Our environment allows children to develop at their own pace in an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding.

We work with each and every child to promote tolerance, while limiting actions to reflect the consideration of others. Our children will be provided with the support to thrive as unique individuals allowing them to develop as well balanced global citizens. Our motto…:“Nurturing young minds and developing talent”

Our Vision

Petits Scholars International is to be the early years educator of choice, setting the standard in child care and education across the continent and globally. Petits Scholars aims to be the leading centre for delivering the highest quality of care and education. We strive to be the leaders in Training professionals giving them the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver exceptional levels of care.

Our Core Values

At Petits Scholars International we are

U=Understand that tolerance is essential
N=Never give up and always strive to do better
I=Inspire others by setting good examples
Q=Quality precedes all that we do
U=Unlimited potential the sky and beyond
E=Excellence is our standard for every task

Policies and Procedures

We have an extensive list of policies which safely guide the management of our school. Policy details are available to Petits Scholars Parents only. Available upon request.